Core Principles

Our Core Principles

The Reform Party represents the interests of voters who are concerned with out-of-control spending, growing budget deficits, an unsustainable national debt, as well as gross mismanagement in government and unethical behavior from our elected representatives.

It is our belief that the American public and the Reform Party share many of the same core principles when it comes to our local, state and federal government.  We believe that our government functions best when it lives within its means, sets reasonable and common-sense objectives and implements sound policy.  As a Party, we believe in practical answers for the challenges we face, and in the belief that good policy benefits the national interest and not select special interests.

In an effort to grow our political party, we seek people from all parts of American society who share our fundamental core principles to volunteer and to run for elected office as candidates.  We do not support other political parties or their candidates.

Since the early days of the Reform Party, our mission and principles have remained constant.


The Reform Party Supports

•A smaller, more efficient and transparent Federal and State government

•Fiscal Responsibility of Federal Government by adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment

•A sound economy with a strong dollar, free markets and a non-interventionist foreign policy limited to issues that directly affect our countries National Security

•Lower taxes for individuals and corporate America through a reformed simplified flat tax code

•Immediate Reduction of our Country’s National Debt

•Restoring trust, integrity, honor and common sense in government and its elected officials

•Adopt a Term Limits Amendment on our legislators

•Restoring solvency to our Social Security and Medicare systems by initially repaying the borrowed money

•Strengthen immigration by revamping and enforcing existing laws while limiting the annually allowed immigrants entering our country

•Election reform with open primaries, ballot access to third party candidates and independents, eliminate Gerrymandering and Electorate Recall vote to remove legislators in their respective state

•Create a Health Care environment and regulations that promotes competition, competitive industry pricing and lower medical costs resulting in affordable health insurance for all Americans.